Grappling with the Inexplicable – A Psychologist Looks at Newtown CT


A Reason to Kill It was a quiet afternoon, when the man walked in, holding a gun. He was looking for his wife’s therapist. He was angry, and was convinced that it was this therapist, not his wife’s own decision-making, that had led her to decide to divorce him. By the time he was finished […]

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Alternate Energy – It may be closer than you think

cutting wood

It is obvious reading all the MSM articles on energy that they still are counting on technology to ride to the rescue of the declining oil age in the form of alternate energy on a white horse.  I wish I shared their optimism, but the facts don’t seem to support that rosy outlook.  I do […]

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In Memory of Chuck Willis

Chuck Willis Teaching about Peak Oil

Major contributor to this blog, and my dear friend Chuck Willis, died suddenly on Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012 in Wichita, Kansas. Chuck has contributed 54 blog entries during his years of writing for Peak Oil Blues.  He was working on another one right before he died.  His son will finish it and forward it to […]

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Communing with the Dead

NEW YORK - October 31 Homes sit smoldering after Hurricane Sandy in the Far Rockaway area . Over 50 homes were reportedly destroyed in a fire during the storm on October 30; 2012

by Kathy McMahon, Psy.D. (I extend my sympathies to all of those who have lost loved ones, or are suffering as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  It is my hope that this post (updated from last year) will be of use.*) Over this next week, too many people who survived Hurricane Sandy will die from preventable causes. […]

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Another Reason to Welcome Out the Age of Oil…


A new study by UCLA scientists has shown that even brief exposure to ultra-fine particles found near freeways is enough to boost the tissue inflammation that exacerbates asthma. Air pollution particles one-thousandth the width of a human hair incited inflammation deep in the lungs.

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The ‘Peak Shrink’ will be on HUFFPOSTLIVE today!

Come join me at HUFFPOSTLIVE today at 3:50 pm, for a live broadcast on How Quickly We Forget After Natural Disasters, with interviewer Nancy Redd. In times of crisis, Americans are quick to respond with precautionary measures, but why do we let our guard down in the calm between the storms? Please join me!

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Pining for Pig Farmers


 The economic hardship of one farm family, if they are our neighbors, affects us more painfully than pages of statistics on the decline of the farm population.  Wendell Berry Today, as I read about the price of pork, and how we’ll be experiencing a world-wide shortage (less so in the USA) I feel sad.  I […]

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Psychological Self-Defense for the Newly Unemployed


Got a pink-slip?  Are you one of the unlucky ones who had to face the chopping block?  Here are a psychologist’s ten best suggestions for managing emotionally when economic bad times hit your family. (1) Make a pact that hard times come and go, but your relationship, your family, is here to stay. Financial pressures […]

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“Brother, Can You Spare the Time?”: Psychotherapists Don’t Reach out to the Unemployed


Our families, friends, and true companionship are thus among consumerism’s principal casualties…We are hollowing out whole areas of life, of individual and social autonomy, of community, and of nature, and, if we don’t soon wake up, we will lose the chance to return, to reclaim ourselves, our neglected society, our battered world, because there will […]

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When Mental Health Becomes an Economic Issue (and what to do about it…)


Crazy for Comfort   During the last Great Depression, financially desperate people ended up entering convents, seminaries, prisons and mental hospitals, when homeless shelters had no room for them. If the goal was three “hots and a cot,” being admitted to an insane asylum allowed you to eat well, sleep off the streets, and get […]

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