CISPA Blackout


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Kathy McMahon Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist who is internationally known for her writing about the psychological impacts of Peak Oil, climate change, and economic collapse. She's written for Honda Motors, and has been featured in American Prospect, Greenpeace International, the Vancouver Sun, Freakonomics, Itulip, Ecoshock Radio, and Peak Moments Television.


  1. metta crawler says:

    How do people feel about electric utilities offering discounts in exchange for installing devices that give them the power to throttle your air conditioner during a heat wave? I have such mixed feelings about this. Does it amount to a punishment for the poor while the rich can go on in cool comfort? Give that rooftop solar is so under-deployed is this really the best response we can offer? Wouldn’t the hot days have the best return on solar power?

    I’m also surprised to see a large amount of public outcry against smart electrical meters including signs on people’s lawns by the roadside protesting against them while no such reaction to the devices used to shut off A/C in a heat wave. It’s probably that the smart meters are not an opt-in offer the way the A/C cycling plans are.

    My gut says both systems go hand-in-hand, you need the data from the smart meters to determine where the A/C must be shut off to avoid an overload.


  1. Jeff Halevy says:

    Jeff Halevy

    CISPA Blackout – Peak Oil Blues

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    CISPA Blackout – Peak Oil Blues

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