Why Sociopaths Win & Why, No, You Don’t Want to Be One of Them

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died

Everybody talking to their pockets
Everybody wants a box of chocolates
And a long stem rose
Everybody knows

Everybody knows that you love me baby
Everybody knows that you really do
Everybody knows that you’ve been faithful
Ah give or take a night or two
Everybody knows you’ve been discreet
But there were so many people you just had to meet
Without your clothes
And everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

And everybody knows that it’s now or never
Everybody knows that it’s me or you
And everybody knows that you live forever
Ah when you’ve done a line or two
Everybody knows the deal is rotten
Old Black Joe’s still pickin’ cotton
For your ribbons and bows
And everybody knows

And everybody knows that the Plague is coming
Everybody knows that it’s moving fast
Everybody knows that the naked man and woman
Are just a shining artifact of the past
Everybody knows the scene is dead
But there’s gonna be a meter on your bed
That will disclose
What everybody knows

And everybody knows that you’re in trouble
Everybody knows what you’ve been through
From the bloody cross on top of Calvary
To the beach of Malibu
Everybody knows it’s coming apart
Take one last look at this Sacred Heart
Before it blows
And everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

Oh everybody knows, everybody knows
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows

Leonard Cohen

“I’m sure you have the answer, you and Ron Paul and all the other pot-smoking libertarian do-gooders have it all figured out. But what I’m saying is, no confidence means end of the confidence game. That’s what Lehman showed. Every single player in finance suddenly had to face the fundamental problem—this whole fucking economy is built on fraud and lies and garbage. So when Lehman collapsed, every single player panicked, going, ‘If Lehman was nothing but a Ponzi scheme—and I know what I’m running is a Ponzi scheme—holy shit, that means everyone else is running a Ponzi scheme too! Run for the exits!’ No one trusted anyone else, everyone pulled out, and the entire global economy collapsed just like that. And that meant your parents, my parents, every teacher, every fireman, every person in the country going into retirement, every price on every asset—wiped out.

I’ve been thinking a lot about sociopathy lately, after reading the article I quoted above. Here’s more:

…let’s throw the book at every firm and every executive that our people can make a case against. Because you know, gosh, it’s all about rule of law and blind justice, just like Che says.’ OK, so now this means indicting just about every serious player in finance, so they take down Goldman Sachs, they take down Citigroup, JP Morgan, BofA… and they also serve all the big funds who are at least as guilty, if not more. So they shut down Pimco, Blackrock, Citadel… maybe they indict Geithner and Summers, haul in some of Bush’s crooks… right? …OK, now guess what you’ve just done? You’ve just caused the markets to completely tank. Remember what happened after the Lehman collapse? Remember how popular that made every politician in Washington? Still wondering why they coughed up a trillion bucks? They were scared for their lives; that’s why they voted for that bailout. You’d have done the same goddamn thing. But if we go after everyone guilty of fraud and theft, the market crash this country would see would make 2008 look like Sesame Street. Open that can of worms labeled ‘Fraud’ and the whole fucking economy collapses. You may as well prosecute people for masturbating. No one will know where the fraud investigation stops and who will be charged next—everyone will try to cash out, and the markets will tank to zero. And guess what happens when the markets tank to zero? Every fucking American with a retirement plan, or an investment portfolio, or a 401k—every state pension plan in the country, every teacher’s pension fund, every fireman’s pension—every last one of them will be wiped out. That’s what the Lehman collapse taught us.”

I thought back to the question Catherine Austin Fitts asked:

In the summer of 2000, I asked a group of 100 people at a conference of spiritually committed people who would push a red button if it would immediately stop all narcotics trafficking in their neighborhood, city, state and country. Out of 100 people, 99 said they would not push such red button. When surveyed, they said they did not want their mutual funds to go down if the U.S. financial system suddenly stopped attracting an estimated $500 billion-$1 trillion a year in global money laundering. They did not want their government checks jeopardized or their taxes raised because of resulting problems financing the federal government deficit.

We haven’t built a big enough prison system to handle it all. Unless you’re causing trouble, and even if you are, you are contributing to it. And if you are contributing to it, you are just as guilty as they are. That’s the story. And even if you don’t want it to all fall down, even if you love capitalism and wave your countries’ flag proudly, even if you are willing to bail out the banks by increasing your tax dollars, and handing over your kid’s inheritance and are willing to trade their capacity to live on this planet for another gallon of gas, it’s too late. Too late for a shiny new President to walk in and make it all better. Too late to punish the “rich bad men” who stole our wealth and polluted our planet.

And it’s your fault for letting it happen. And you’re naive if you think you can fix it.

But here’s what I really want to say, as a psychologist, to all of you: Sociopaths lack something 95% of us have: They lack a conscience. They lack the capacity to feel empathy, to feel guilt, to feel bad about doing bad. When you lack Vitamin E(mpathy), you hate people who have it. You walk around with an expensive suit and you have a black card to pay for an expensive dinner, and you buy and sell people and marry the hottest mates around, but it’s all for nothing. You can’t attach to other people, even though you know it is something you should want to do. You can only treat people as pawns in a chess game, because you can’t relate to people as anything other than suckers or fools to manipulate. You “fuck” your husband or wife, because you have no clue what “making love” would feel like. You cheat and lie because it helps you to get what you want. Money and material wealth, along with a sense of increased power, are your only true motivators.

But getting “powerful” is just too easy, you see? “Suckers” let you take it, and they seem happy to give it to you, get it? They’re such “idiots.” The “suckers” will sacrifice anything for what they love and value–things like their families and principles and their religion and their environment. They take out money from a weekly check to put toward retirement or toward a college education for their kids. To a sociopath, these things are truly alien. They couldn’t believe how easy it was to stop paying for the retirements of their workers, and make the workers pay for it, instead. It was unbelievably easy to convince the workers that they needed to lived on less, and put the money into the stock market for their retirement, for their kids’ college education. The corporations had to pinch themselves! The money they pay workers went right back into the hands of these very same corporations, as stocks. It was too good to be true! Now they could leverage even greater wealth with these same dollars! Like taking candy from a baby.

There is no point pitying the “suckers.” They hate the “suckers” for loving and valuing these things, for wanting to take care of themselves and their futures. For believing that if you worked hard, you could be rich or grow up to be president one day. They didn’t realize that the tough part is that first million. The next ten million are much easier to make. The suckers don’t “get it.” They still believe in the great and powerful Oz. But just along side the theft and rip-off is the disdain. They want to prove that nobody feels true compassion and caring. No one actually wants to be responsible, when they can make someone else do it. A sense of principles are for hypocrites and fools, and if you try to push some of them on the sociopath, they are taking everyone down with them–your parents, your teacher, the firefighters, all of it. Without Vitamin E, life is one big fraud, and the emptiness inside rings as clear as a bell when someone shakes it:

‘Hey, assholes, you’re supposed to be hypocrites, OK? You’re supposed to be two-faced free-market liars, not libertarian Quakers! You’re not supposed to believe in anything—your job is to get up in front of the public and lie about free markets and the rest. Period.’

That’s it, how fucking hard is it? Look, watch my face: Say one thing out of one side… and do the other out of the other side. Got that? Let everyone else whine and cry about, ‘Ooh, that’s not fair, ooh, that’s a bailout, that’s socialism, that’s corruption.’ That’s what losers do—they whine. …you whine all the time…

Yes, they say, “You aren’t adults. You aren’t mature enough to get it. There IS nothing to believe in. Principles and integrity are for babies or fools. The politicians are doing their job by lying and that’s how it is suppose to be. Corporations are there to rob you and your role is to shut up and take it. Even when you have to bail them out. Shut up and get out of our face. Let the scam continue, and stop whining about what’s fair, because nothing is.

…look at you… Can you pay the bill for this meal? Is there a libertarian on earth who can afford to buy a decent meal in Manhattan? And now, look at me: I’m a hypocrite. Hell yes I am! I lie every day of my life, I lie to myself in my sleep. Hell, I’m lying to you right now, in fact I don’t even know what the fuck I’m saying anymore because I’m so used to lying. And yet—who’s the guy with the black card? Who’s the one who’s going to pick up the check tonight? Guys with power, guys like me, we lie. You got that? ‘Lie’ as in ‘My Lai’ the massacre—as in, ‘My Lai you long time, me so free-markety.’ You distract the dumbshits with free-market B.S. because hey, for whatever reason, that’s what the public likes to hear, it doesn’t really matter what lie you feed them so long as it’s the lie that puts them in a trance. And then behind the scenes, you do the very opposite: You fix the game, you cover up this problem here with those funds there, you move shit around, you skim budgets and you subsidize the system, you cover up the bad shit and once in a while throw a has-been to the wolves to keep the public entertained—that’s the way the system works, and anyone who’s an adult understands that.

Like in a war, you shoot someone in the head in cold blood and you say “That’s war.” Nothing personal, dude. When you shoot the economy in the head, when you destroy every element of an economy, entire countries, and you take the entire world down with you, you show contempt for those who have the nerve to suggest that there is anything wrong with it.

It’s what adults do.

And the whining “babies,” the ones who’s parents and grandparents haven’t committed some “big crime” to allow them to enjoy the mega-wealth of status and privilege, the “suckers” who haven’t figured out how to make their first million yet, these are the ones you put into a trance, that you feed the ‘bread and circuses’ to. Only the grown-ups know this. The wise-guys. The insiders. Only the whiny babies cry when they put a gun to someone’s head and pull the trigger. To be a real adult is to be heartless, and to lie. Only a fool believes that there should be any honesty or devotion or empathy in the world. All others believe in cash.

Here’s my advice: Back away slowly when you hear this.

You can tell the sociopaths because they are so charming and convincing until they bare their teeth. Then they are terrifying and crushing to our spirits. They lull us into believing that we’re either going to be a part of the “action,” a real “grown up” or we’re setting ourselves up to be objects of ridicule. And they are great at ridicule in the form of “friendly advice:”

“Here’s the thing: I think it’s great that you and your friends memorized Road to Serfdom in between Star Trek episodes—no really, I’m happy for you. Yeah, we’re all so proud. But here’s the thing: We grown-ups are really, really busy now trying to sort out the free-market mess you made with that Lehman move of yours. Yeah, so why don’t you run along to your libertarian chat rooms and have your little debates about Jekyll Island and the gold standard, because it really means a lot to us. And report back to me as soon as you have it all figured out, m’kay? Just get the fuck out of my face and leave the adults alone.”

If you don’t get out of the face of a sociopath, they will try to remove you. They’ll buy you or kill you or cripple you, but deep down, they know that they are a small minority, and maybe they’ve got a bunch of “friends” all “acting” like them, but without the real stomachs for it. These “friends” have a big enough dose of Vitamin E, that it is wrecking their marriages, causing them ulcers, impacting their self-respect. And things turn quickly when they turn. When those “suckers” come out of the trance, you better have the “cover story” all set up, and the jet planes ready to evacuate because things can get ugly very quickly. And even in the chaos, you’ll have that 5% directing you, pointing out the way to salvation. And you can tell who they are, when they aren’t baring their teeth, because they seem like the most trustworthy folks in the world. They have a bright smile and a warm handshake. And when they say “Trust me” they sound so confident and certain that you do.

Psychologist can’t really treat sociopaths, because we’ve not figured out how to provide Vitamin E to those who lack it. Sometimes aging makes them less dangerous, but they are never truly like the rest of us. There is a steel gaze in their eyes, when you block them. When you see it shining back at you, you can never feel completely comfortable with them again, despite the charm and the wealth that successful sociopaths can offer. And if you marry one, you stop feeling human after a while. You can’t appeal to their humanity, because they have none.

And when sociopaths rule every aspect of our lives, when the largest organizations are modeled after sociopathic humans, it takes the rest of us a long time to figure out that we’ve been suckered in. We’ve been tarnished and harmed by it. The reason is that, having empathy, we bend over backward trying to believe there has to be some logic to completely merciless, cut-throat destructive action. Having empathy, we can’t believe anyone would do that “for no reason” or only “to make a buck.” We keep thinking that anyone who has gotten to that level of power and authority has to know better than we do, what they are doing. And when we finally get it, when we finally realize that, no, there is no “deeper purpose” other than profit, there is no “master plan” other than getting richer at any cost, most of us feel deeply, deeply impacted. Depressed, or angry, or speechless, or outraged.

When this happens, we stop shouting at them “Don’t you CARE!” because we understand that they don’t.  They can’t.   As long as we are shouting “Don’t you care!” the sociopaths secretly laugh at us.  When we finally “get it,” realize just how disordered it all is, and stop putting ourselves in the same pool of “humans” as those with sociopathy, our actions can be much more effective.

Before we understand the sociopathy of the system, we keep believing that if we protest, and shout loud enough, the system will respond. But once we understand that this is a sociopathic system, devoid of Vitamin E, we have to start looking at how we, ourselves, have been suckered into acting like sociopaths too. We’ve been seduced into believing that our own internal greed, our own desire for “something for nothing” is the best part of us, the normal, adult part.

When we really get it, deep down, the vast majority of us are going to do some soul-searching, because we have a soul to search. And we’ll be tempted to believe that the “anxious” or “depressed” part, the part were we’ve “got this broken feeling, like their father or their dog just died,” is the part we have to kill off with drugs manufactured just for this purpose by the sociopathic Big Pharm.  And the sociopaths score again. Those pills that are supposed to make you “larger” and feel “less,” are worse than the “ones that mother gives you that don’t do anything at all”: they might make things worse.  If they kill you or cripple you, the sociopaths pay the lawsuits.  No big woop.  But they make a lot of cash in the meanwhile.

When you’ve, been well lubricated by this system but still have a healthy dose of Vitamin E, you start having problems if you don’t start causing trouble or withdrawing your participation. In fact, when we start to believe that only the “babies” and the “suckers” are the ones who don’t lie constantly (even in their sleep), when only fools “don’t ‘sell their own grandmothers for a buck,” and we start trying to join them instead of beat them or withdraw from them, that’s when we become mentally ill. And our mental illness might be the first clue to those of  us who have bought in, that something, something deep down has got to change fundamentally about how we relate to other people, to ourselves, and to the planet.

About Kathy McMahon

Kathy McMahon Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist who is internationally known for her writing about the psychological impacts of Peak Oil, climate change, and economic collapse. She's written for Honda Motors, and has been featured in American Prospect, Greenpeace International, the Vancouver Sun, Freakonomics, Itulip, Ecoshock Radio, and Peak Moments Television.


  1. I’m withdrawing my participation in the sociopathic economy.

    Currently, my study of the history, culture, and lifeways of the indigenous people of North America yields lots of ideas for how to live and what to value going forward.

  2. Sociopaths know how to recognize one another, and us. We don’t. That is a major problem. How about you Kathy and Dr. Hare get together and start teaching us how to tell them apart? I understand he teaches prison and police staff how to do it. We all need to know that!

  3. Excellent piece! And it shows that people with Asperger’s Syndrome (an Autistic Spectrum Disorder which I share) are in a way the exact opposite of sociopaths: Sociopaths don’t have Vitamin E but act like they do, while Aspies DO have Empathy but DON’T act like they do. Sociopaths will smile broadly and winningly, shake your hand with gusto, look you winningly in the eye, and laugh warmly at your humor. Aspies smile weakly or not at all, nervously avoid eye contact, and look blankly at your humor. As a result, it’s Aspies who are called insensitive selfish jerks and made the butt of jokes on sitcoms like “Big Bang Theory” and sociopaths who become successful politicians and business executives.

    The point that institutions and people are pressured in modern society to act like sociopaths or else is far more convincing than an article I saw once that claimed that in modern society institutions and people were acting “autistic” because they were selfish and inner-directed and increasingly atomized and isolated from friends, family, and community. But in a climate that pressures people and institutions to act faster, more “efficiently”, and more selfishly, it is obviously sociopaths and those pressured to emulate them who thrive and flourish, not Auties and Aspies.

  4. I think it is a bit narrow and dangerous to classify an invisible class of people as being distinctly different, inherently evil, and responsible for the woes of the world.

    I would argue a large part of the dysfunction in modern society is the very large number of people around us, which makes it impossible to keep track of everyone. Beyond that the modern requirement for both parents to work full time has deprived communities of people who had the time to humanise children as they grew and maintain links between individual families.

    If sociopaths really exist then they have always been there (or had the potential to be there). Deeper changes in our physical world have brought them out. Perhaps we can think of them as the wolves that weed out the weakest from the flock. Perhaps it is better in the long run that everyday people find their “money” disappearing into accounts set to evaporate, rather than being used to fuel an even more rapid consumption of natural resources.

  5. “Perhaps we can think of them as the wolves that weed out the weakest from the flock.”

    This suggests a positive role for Psychopaths/Sociopaths.

    OOOhhh, I think you misunderstood the article and the subject. Just my opinion :-)

    Psychopaths/Sociopaths have no positive role that I can think of. Do you have examples where I would be wrong?

  6. “I think it is a bit narrow and dangerous to classify an invisible class of people as being distinctly different, inherently evil, and responsible for the woes of the world.”

    Yes. It seems peak shrink is having a bad day. This sort of simplistic black-hat/white-hat view of the world is something I might expect from a Tea Party blog, but not peak shrink.

  7. Yes, it is hard for some of us to imagine that there exists true “evil” in the world that exists within individuals. They come by it honestly. However, sociopaths do exist and they make up about 5% of the population (and not because I’m having a bad day…). Corporations, by their very structure, are sociopathic, as the movie “The Corporation” clearly outlines. That movie, by the way, was embraced by both the progressives and conservatives as fair and eye-opening. See it if you can’t quite grasp where I am coming from in this piece.

    My point was not to “blame” but to point out that as things continue to deteriorate, we all will be responsible for embracing or rejecting what might be touted as “normal” but nonetheless sociopathic behavior. That article did a great job highlighting some of that sort of thinking. I don’t know the individual he talked about, so I’m not labeling him as anything or “blaming” only one group.

  8. A year ago, Kathy advised a Peak-aware mother who was estranged from her consumeristic adult daughter (Jennifer) to:

    “Leave long, apologetic messages on Jennifer’s line, telling her what a jerk you’ve been and telling her how much you miss her and want to make up. Maybe you’ll promise to go to NASCAR with her […]”.

    That piece of advice from the Peak Shrink made me very uneasy when I first read it. Now I can explain – using the Peak Shrink’s own words – WHY it made me so uneasy:

    “[…] When you’ve been well lubricated by this system but still have a healthy dose of empathy, you start having problems if you don’t start withdrawing your participation. […] And our mental illness might be the first clue to those of us who have bought in, that something, something deep down has got to change fundamentally about how we relate to other people, to ourselves, and to the planet.”

    I agree that “buying in” to the “psychopathic” business-as-usual society that we live in is destroying our planet’s ecosystems AND our mental health. This is why going to NASCAR to appease a consumeristic family member is yet another insidious way of “buying in” and thereby eroding your own mental health. I’m firmly with Jennifer’s mother on that score. It’s the Jennifers of the world whose behaviour needs to change – and appeasing people like that by apologising to them for being a “jerk”, and by going to NASCAR with them, isn’t going to hasten that change.

    The same goes for Texas Blue Jay’s husband, who we read about on May 6. These people need a serious wake up call – it’s tough luck if they don’t like hearing the facts. Frankly, I don’t like the facts either, but that doesn’t make burying my head in the sand seem like a good way forward.

    It seems clear to me that the time for grovelling, and appeasing, and apologising to your blinkered loved ones is well and truly over.

  9. If most of the people some “peak aware” person knows are taken in by supposed normalcy, can your persistence ever pay off?

    I thought about that today, taking my girlfriend to the airport, her freaking out about reservations – yet not even a sigh when talking of debt or resources. But listening to the radio on the way back, it is clear to me that ignorant optimism is encouraged at an insurmountable level in this society, and my thorns of critical thought trying to get people’s attention just annoys them – as I am sure some of you can relate.

  10. Kathy, I have a theory about sociopaths… if you like it, feel free to use it as you see fit. Humans no longer have any predators in the animal world. The sociopaths are the predators who feed off the edges of the human herd, targeting the weakened ones, the foolish ones, the ones who wander too far from the protection of the community. Normally, there are only a few of them.

    If the human herd grows weaker overall, the numbers of predators will grow apace.

    Our stone age ancestors understood that these types must be carefully watched and contained. But at some point in the Holocene, they entered into a fateful bargain with them… if we let you run rampant, you’ll get us more wealth, you’ll enable us to whup the next tribe over, you’ll enable us to be the top dog… And we are still paying the price that comes with that bargain which in the long run turns out very very expensive indeed. And they know that as long as that bargain stands, they have us by the nose ring. That’s what that threat of “your parents, my parents, every teacher, every fireman, every person in the country going into retirement, every price on every asset—wiped out.” They bring on corruption, carefully embroiling everyone in it, so that when people wake up and want to change things, they find that they too have become dependent on the corruption. Clever evil, this…

  11. Confused says:

    This 1972 magazine ad really proves once and for all that our leaders are either mindless buffoons or actually want civilization to collapse. Perhaps it is a combination of both. I think I will now kill a few people I hate, then commit suicide. This mad hell of a world is too much…


  12. Fandral1972 says:

    Samantha in Oz,I enjoy your blog, but I think your a little harsh with the Peak Shrink on this one.
    Back in Kansas- Children matter, parents matter, even beloved partners matter- even when they are not “on board”.
    The good doctor was trying to discuss angles of approach towards engagement. her advice was not characterized by “grovelling and appeasement.” And it was obvious, even to a dolt like me, that her “Nascar” line was a little tongue in cheek. Humor is a great icebreaker.
    Yes, the people we love may need as you put it a “wake up call” but does it always have to be the shrill trumpet of judgement?

  13. In response to Samantha in Oz, thank you for acknowledging my “peak awareness”, and to Fandral I don’t believe we should hold our loved ones to lesser standards than we hold other to. It’s now going on 4 years since I spoke to Jen and it hurts every day. The only thing that has changed since my Mother’s Day Wishes article is that I am more at peace with my “actions” and harbor no ill feelings. My love for my daughter will never change, and I wish nothing but happiness for her. I could never indulge in NASCAR or “plastic gorillas” as my conscience will not allow it. As a parent I have always felt my honesty will speak for itself, maybe not today but tomorrow. Conscience is a funny thing that can stop us dead in our tracks if we have one. It’s freeing when we realize the system is controlled by sociopaths and can work at building true relationships that are based on truth and honesty. The amount of propaganda in our society one from being free and able to take action.

    Thank you Kathy for responding to my email about my daughter and for this wonderful article. I’m so glad I found my Vitamin E in my garden and nature, it’s now where I put my trust, and it will bat last.

  14. I really enjoyed this article. Its blunt and to the point. I think it great because it important to understand how extreme the psych is in such people and how dangerous that dealing with them can be. By dealing I mean societies like to have sociopaths “on there side” as soldiers and to lack the conscious to do things we would never do ourselves. Also because many figure it better to have them on our side “working for our interests” than have them working for others. There is a sense that as long as they are on our side they are useful. But its important to realize that they are not really on anyone’s side, other than their own. It similar to having weapons we love having the security that it we feel it brings as in the face of unknown foe as long as it isn’t used against us. While destruction is obvious in giving any kind of power to such individuals. The using of the other is not as clear. True, it much easier for them to use the masses and there is little comparison of scope between the two but “normal” society also uses them to do what we are unwilling or unable to do. As a bad analogy, I like it to pit-bull owners. They love the intimidation and protection that such a breed offers them and forgets that that aggression could easily turn on them. The difference being that the pit-bulls usual exhibit loyalty to something other than themselves. Granted so do sociopaths it seems in groups, but its an uneasy one that is likely only due to the advantages that the coordinated efforts bring. In a world of only sociopaths they would eventually (and usually do) sacrifice and devour each other. It so happens that their is plenty of prey in the general population so a truce is called…that is until the prey wise or “dry” up.
    The less dangerous part (but not one to be ignorant of) is their willingness or even fanaticism to take everyone else with them when they fall. Khadafi is a perfect example of this. While the destruction that he is unleashing as his power tumbles it is still a fraction of the destruction he caused while in power.

  15. Austerity has undoubtedly sharpened tensions and accelerated
    fragmentation but the problems with neoliberalism
    and the links with identity politics go much deeper.


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