Has Peak Oil Newbie “Bought the Farm”?

Dr. K., I only leaned about peak oil about a year ago. I've discussed it with my husband and family and at least my daughter and her husband have bought a small farm and are starting to re-calibrate.  My husband and I hope against hope to sell our home so we can be near them to help.  Is it too late for my husband and i to  make changes to compensate, or do you think there's a chance that we can get there yet, as we're a little late comers to the news? Thanks Dr. K. Late to the "Party"   Hi LthP, I hope you and your family have moved to a farm because that is where and how you choose to live, not because you believe that this is the only survivable way to live...because I don't think it necessarily is. After living in a rural area for more than a decade, I can tell you that we've burned more fossil fuel here than when we lived in a more urban environment. And despite active attempts to rely on neighbors, we are very much dependent upon modern civilization. At Continue Reading

The Peak Shrink on Peak Moments TV: Seeking the Happy Story (part 1) – But What Do You Feel?

Published on May 2, 2013 We live in a culture that wants only the upbeat response, the story with the happy ending. We marginalize people who express anger or grief about the impossible predicament we’re in — societal and ecological collapse. Clinical psychologist Kathy “Peak Shrink” McMahon, uses empathy and humor to encourage people to […]

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Climate Change Makes this Rural Dweller Nervous

Hi Peak Shrink, I live here in Western Massachusetts, which as you know has seen a series of extreme weather events over the past few years: the ice storm of 2008 (power out here for 3+ days), Hurricane Irene, the tornado outbreak of June 2011, the October snowstorm of 2011 (power out here for 5+ […]

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What is CISPA

We’ve gone black to protest CISPA What is CISPA? Under the guise of cyber-security, CISPA (the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) is a bill that would grant corporations the power to share our emails, Facebook messages, and other sensitive online data with the government – all without a warrant. CISPA would kill online privacy […]

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CISPA Blackout

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Boston Marathon Bombing and Civil Liberties: “You messed with the wrong city…”

My daughter, a current Bostonian, who was about a quarter mile away from the Boston Marathon finish line on Monday, and who lives 1.5 miles from the scene of today’s police shoot-out, sent me an article by Dennis Lehane in the NY Times, and a clip of the Colbert Report.  The message was the same […]

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Mike Ruppert on the Third Date


 Hey Peak Shrink! I read your help-letter from the lesbian couple looking to relocate.  My partner and I moved from Sacramento to Nevada County almost two years ago.  It was very scary but it was a wonderful choice.  We are super happy here.  I would love to be put in touch with the writer.  You […]

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With Visions of Sugar-Plums Dancing in My Head


I’m feeling pretty darn good about 2013.  Economic crash be damned. Just had a barely awake chat with KMO over at the C-Realm Podcast’s special programming called “The Vault.”  I was sleepy, as it was the day after Christmas, and DH and I did a crazy stint of driving, after we put our dino-dog-puppies to bed, then […]

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Post Peak Career? Forget Law, Consider Geology


In 2007, Byron King was chatting with Mr. Wang, a marine geologist from China, and what he learned knocked his socks off: “[T]here are about 40,000 or 50,000 students studying geology in China today at the university level. Maybe more, but I do not want to give you a number that is too high.” That’s […]

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Saying Goodbye to Tomorrow.


  Today is the last day on Earth, according to some New Age interpretation of the Mayan calendar. This belief has caused endless suffering and useless expensive purchases by people trying to “beat the clock” and find somewhere safe to spend their last few hours.  Cheap places have suddenly become outrageously expensive, because someone said […]

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